This course is now on its 9th Generation. It consists of the following sections:

Section 1: The Lifeguard, Swimming Pool and Supervision

Element 1 - The Lifeguard and The Law
Element 2 - Swimming Pool, Hazards and Control Measures
Element 3 - Swimming Pool Supervision

Section 2: Intervention, Rescue and Emergency Action Plan

Element 1 - Intervention and Rescue
Element 2 - Rescue of a Casualty with a Suspected Spinal Injury
Element 3 - Emergency Action Plan

Section 3: CPR, AED and First Aid

Element 1 - CPR
Element 2 - AED
Element 3 - First Aid

This course is externally assessed. 100% attendance is required. It determines your knowledge and understanding of the principles of working as pool lifeguard. Your ability is assessed in a range of lifesaving skills which enable you to deal with common emergency situations in a pool environment

Course duration minimum 38 hours.

If you wish to speak to the course trainer or to find out more information about cost, dates and times of courses and application forms please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 01452 396601.