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Class numbers will be limited, to ensure the safety of our customers booking in advance is recommended.


Booking Classes

All classes can be booked 14 days in advance via the on-line booking system, the Aspire App, in person at GL1 or via the telephone. Non-members may also use these options providing pre-payment is made and a Community Card has been registered.

A waiting list operates for classes that become fully booked and you will receive a phone call if a space becomes available.

Members have 14 days booking in advance. Non-members have 7 days in advance.

Attending Classes

Please arrive in time to collect your class ticket from reception. Entry to all classes is via ticket only. If you have any health concerns, please speak to the instructor before the start of the class.

Cancelling Classes

It is the responsibility of the user to cancel unwanted classes that have been booked. This can be done via the various booking systems; 24 hours’ notice to cancel is required to cancel. If a class is not cancelled a ‘no show’ fee, equal to the class rate will be charged.

On occasion it may be necessary for a class to be cancelled or the class format, instructor or location be changed. Aspire Sports & Cultural Trust reserves the right to do this at any time. Where possible, advance notice to those members who have booked for the affected class will be given. However, this may not always be possible.

Time Session Location Level
07.15 - 08.00 SPINNING® Studio 1 General
09.15 - 10.00 STEP N TONE* Sports Hall General
10.15 - 11.00 BODY PUMP® Sports Hall General
11.15 - 12.00 ACTIVE FIT Sports Hall 55+
12.05 - 12.50 BODY BALANCE* Studio 1 General
12.15 - 13.00 AQUA* Pool General
17.45 - 18.30 POWER YOGA Bowls Hall General
17.30 - 18.15 SPINNING® Studio 1 General
18.15 - 19.00 FIRESTARTER Sports Hall Intermediate
18.45 - 19.30 POWER YOGA Studio 1 Intermediate
19.15 - 20.00 TOTALLY TONED* Sports Hall General
07.15 - 08.00 FIT ZONE Sports Hall General
09.15 - 09.45 SPIN® EXPRESS * Studio 1 General
10.00 - 10.45 LEGS - BUMS & TUMS - (Ladies Only) * Studio 1 General
11.00 - 11.45 TAI CHI * Studio 1 General
12.05 - 12.50 SPINNING® Studio 1 General
12.15 - 13.00 AQUA * Pool General
14.15 - 15.00 MODERN PILATES * Studio 1 General
17.30 - 18.00 SPIN® EXPRESS* Studio 1 General
17.30 - 18.00 CORE ZONE Sports Hall General
18.15 - 19.00 FIT ZONE Sports Hall Intermediate
18.15 - 19.00 TOTALLY TONED ( Ladies Only)* Studio 1 General
19.15 - 20.00 BODY COMBAT® Sports Hall General
19.15 - 20.00 YOGA Studio 1 Intermediate
19.15 - 20.00 AQUA * Pool General
07.15 - 08.00 YOGA Studio 1 General
09.15 - 10.00 SPINNING® Studio 1 General
10.15 - 11.00 ZUMBA® * Sports Hall General
10.30 - 11.00 CORE ZONE Studio 1 General
11.15 - 12.00 BODY BALANCE* Studio 1 General
12.15 - 13.00 AQUA * Pool General
17.00 - 17.45 PILATES * Studio 1 General
17.15 - 17.45 KETTLEBELL EXPRESS Sports Hall General
18.00 - 18.45 SPINNING® Studio 1 Intermediate
18.15 - 19.00 BODY PUMP® Sports Hall General
19.00 - 19.45 PILATES * Studio 1 General
19.15 - 20.00 ZUMBA* Sports Hall General
19.15 - 20.00 AQUA* Pool General
07.15 - 08.00 SPINNING® Studio 1 General
09.15 - 10.00 BODY COMBAT® Sports Hall General
09.30 - 10.15 PILATES * Studio 1 General
10.15 - 10.45 FIRESTARTER Sports Hall General
11.00 - 11.45 BODY BALANCE* Studio 1 General
11.15 - 12.00 ACTIVE FIT Sports Hall 55+
12.15 - 13.00 AQUA * Pool Level G
09.00 - 09.45 BODY COMBAT® Sports Hall General
09.30 - 10.15 SPINNING® Studio 1 General
10.00 - 10.45 TOTALLY TONED* Sports Hall General
11.00 - 12.00 BIKRAM YOGA Studio 1 General
09.00 - 09.45 BODY PUMP® Sports Hall General
09.30 - 10.15 SPINNING® Studio 1 General
10.00 - 10.45 ZUMBA® * Sports Hall General



We have a range of Aqua classes to suit all abilities: Aqua Aerobics and Aqua Fitness. Exercise in the water delivers a great workout whilst reducing the stress on the joints. Non-swimmers welcome.


Punch and kick your way to fitness in this exhilarating workout. Release stress, have a blast and feel like a champ. This high-energy, martial arts inspired workout is non-contact without complex moves to master.


Cardio Tennis is a fun, sociable group fitness class set on a tennis court and open to people of all abilities. Supported by music and qualified instructors, you’ll get to hit lots of tennis balls during your class and have a great cardio workout at the same time.


Hit the muscles, work the heart and lungs using a range of equipment providing loads of variety in this ‘straight up’ circuit class.


This class embraces latest research and utilizes a wide variety of equipment. Hit the high, get lean, get fit and feel awesome.


Start your engine, fuel the fire and ignite with this high energy bodyweight training session.


Voted the most popular cardio workout worldwide - indoor cycling at its best! GL1 instructors are fully certified Spinning® coaches, the gold standard for indoor cycling. Please note a small workout towel is required for all Spin® classes. For those new to indoor cycling, we recommend that you start with a 30-minute session.


Using the famous step platform, this class provides a great cardio workout with great toning for butts and thighs. If new to Step Aerobics, please arrive early so the instructor can explain basic choreography.


A fusion of Latin rhythms and easy to follow moves, creating a one-of-a-kind program. Join the Zumba ® party for fitness & FUN, FUN, FUN.



A fully body, barbell workout that will burn calories, shape and tone your entire body.


A unique formula - loads of exercise variety, plus a great group dynamic so you will never feel lost or left behind - join the team!


Power comes from within – this dynamic session will include exercises for the abs, back and core using a range of equipment.


Combining functional exercises for your abs and back to build a core power house.


Working out in your own spacious, safety zone, this is a great, all round fitness class incorporating cardio and strength training.


Want to combine the benefits of dumbbell training with a high-intensity cardio workout that will build muscle, increase power and help get you lean? Add a new dimension to your workout with this great Kettlebell class.


All sessions will take place using our new Synrgy 360 Rig which provides limitless exercise variety. Synrgy Express is a hard and fast workout, Synrgy Blast is an intense, full body workout (not suitable for those new, or returning to exercise). Synrgy 360 utilises each station targeting different muscle groups and designed to build strength.



The perfect toning class that focuses on key, target areas. Studio equipment may be used in this class.


An all over body conditioning class that ‘does what it says on the tin’ and ‘hits all the right places’.


An all over body conditioning class that ‘does what it says on the tin’ and ‘hits all the right places’.

Mind & Body


A beautiful dance style conditioning class combined with Myofascial Release. No dance experience required, the movements in the class are designed so that everyone can hit the barre and leave feeling fabulous.


Yoga is an ancient form of exercise, that focuses on strength, flexibility and breathing to boast both physical and mental well-being. We have several different styles of yoga on the timetable to include: Flow Yoga, Power Yoga, Brikram and Vinyasa


So much more than a series of random exercises, Pilates helps to improve posture and strengthen dynamic stability. Pilates has many positive health benefits - it will change the way you move, look and feel.


Enjoy the well being feeling in this class, calm your mind, strengthen your body, from the inside out and subsequently reduce stress levels.


With slow, flowing movements, this class helps to reduce stress, delay the aging process and improve strength, flexibility and balance. This class is suitable for those new to Tai Chi.


BODYBALANCE™ is a unique workout which incorporates Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates to help improve flexibility, build strength and leave you feeling relaxed and calm. ... You will carry out a series of stretches, poses and moves to create a holistic workout that brings the body and mind into a state of harmony.



These sessions are designed to meet the needs of the older adult – ‘Be Active, Age Well and Live Life to the Full’.

* Teens 14 years+ can attended classes as indicated on the timetable when attending the class with an adult.

All classes are included in the active life membership. Non members are welcome to all classes, however anyone not currently registered with aspire needs a FREE Community Card to enable bookings!

Pre-booking on line or via the phone

Please arrive 5 minutes before the start time of the class

Please arrive dressed ready for the class

Bring a water bottle with you

Yoga classes We advise all customers to bring their own mat

Sweat towels are not permitted during any classes, paper towels will be available

Where equipment is used on classes, equipment will be individual to each customer

Please come class ready in your workout clothes, with your own personal water bottles